Stay Away from Compatible Pods, Fake Engraved Devices and Cheap Vape Kits.

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to order the highest quality, name brand smoking accessories and vaping products, you have come to the right place! 


RELX.Au was founded in early 2020 and has quickly become Asia’s leading independent e-cigarette brand. However, we have seen a rise in the production and sale of illicit RELX.Au products being sold online. There is no indication that such products are manufactured to the strict quality and reliability standards that RELX.Au prides itself on or information about the content of these products. These illicit products bring great risk to consumers who think they are purchasing authentic RELX.Au products.


RELX.Au would like to warn our customers and potential customers: Transparent RELX.Au pods, fake engraved RELX.Au devices, co-branded RELX.Au devices, or RELX.Au products being sold at a large discount are not genuine RELX.Au products. For assurance of quality and reliability, RELX customers should avoid purchasing these illicit products. 

Purchasing compatible pods carries serious risk, avoid buying them

For more than two years, we have been distributing various smoking accessories, rolling papers, and vape products to customers nationwide. We offer a wide selection of options and carry all major brands to ensure you can find exactly what it is that you are looking for, as conveniently as possible.


At RELX.Au, our top priority is satisfying the needs of our customers, and we truly go the extra mile to do just that. In fact, not only will we meet your needs, but we’ll exceed them. Whether you’re looking for a select few products for your personal use or you are a distributor of smoking and vaping products yourself, you can find exactly what you are looking for when you shop with us.


Various online dealers, websites, and even some offline retailers sell various kinds of illicit compatible vape pods. The compatible pods are sold at a lower price point than RELX vape pods and are often sold in bundles with authentic vape devices. One of the most common types of illicit compatible pods are the transparent pods.


According to test results from RELX’s laboratory, the illicit compatible pods often use inferior e-liquids; contain harmful substances like toluene at levels that greatly exceed normal standards; and the nicotine content does not match what is advertised on the packaging. This explains why the compatible pods are often sold at a much lower price.


Most compatible pods have serious e-liquid leakage problems. The manufacturers of these cartridges do not have after-sales service or quality certifications. It is greatly irresponsible to use these kinds of products.Do not purchase compatible pods.


Avoid Purchasing Fake Engraved Devices

Fake RELX.AU devices engraved with a luxury brand’s logo, or co-branded devices, are also sold on different social media networks like Facebook and Instagram.The fake engraved devices are similar to compatible pods in that they are produced in factories with no certification. The products are not only a serious violation of RELX’s intellectual property, they are also a safety hazard, as their batteries are not properly tested. There have already been a number of cases where the battery of an engraved device has exploded.


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